How To Listen to 95.7FM ONLINE!!!

Steps to listen to 95.7FM online:

Step 1: In order to listen to 95.7fm online you will need to have QuickTime installed onto your computer.

Step 2: If you do not have QuickTime on your computer, you can go to this website to download it. If you do have QuickTime on our computer please move to end of Step 5.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on this website to download quicktime onto your computer.

Step 4: Next you will have to Install QuickTime to your computer from the file you just downloaded.

Step 5: Once you have QuickTime installed onto your computer, you will want to open it up by double clicking the QuickTime icon on your desktop

Step 6: Once it is opened, you will want to go to the top of the player (if your using a windows computer) or to the top of your screen (if you are using a Mac) and click
File, the scroll down until you see "Open URL" then click on that.

Step 7: Once you have clicked on "Open URL" a box will come up on your screen. Click inside the box and delete anything there (if there is anything) then you will want to put this into the address box

Step 8: Click ok once you are finished. Let it load and buffer and there you go. Now you are listening to 95.7FM ONLINE!!

For any questions or concerns please email me at or the call the station at 1-709-698-3110