CHBI 95.7FM Coastal Community Radio

CHBI 95.7FM is located in the town of Burnt Islands but can be heard in neighbouring communities from Rose Blanche to Port aux Basques. It is because of this the radio station was given the name 95.7 FM Coastal Community Radio, "A Station for the Coast". We are run by the Burnt Islands Economic Development Board, which is a non-profit organization. The radio station is operational because of funding from The Burnt Islands Economic Development Board and donations and advertising from our listening audience. For people who live away, they can still tune into 95.7FM by logging onto our webite at and clicking on to the 95.7FM Radio Webcast link. We invite you to drop in at any time to look around or even join us on the air.

We are the only known radio station that plays an abundance of Newfoundland artists.

Many new Artists have been added to the stations playlist or have updated their music.

Some cds are available for purchasing. Including

Mac Arthur Drive - Vanessa MacArthur * $20.00
Spirit of christmas- George And Ivan Giles *7.00
MV christmas seal-Stan Mcdonald *17.00
Shores of Newfoundland * $20.00
Finally Coming Home - The Shores of Newfoundland * $20.00
The Bountiful Sea - The Shores of Newfoundland * $20.00
Newfie Party, Try your Feet - True Newfies
(Monford Organ & Freeman Walters) * $15.00
57 Jokes - Freeman Walters * $15.00
Jay Walkin' - Don Crewe * $20.00
Time Changes Everything - Travis Dunford * $12.00
Where i need to be- Peter Jacobs *20.00
Drift Back In Time-Peter Jacobs *20.00

More cd's will be available in the coming months. When they are available the public will be notified. So drop by the Radio Station to pick up your copy today!

*** Page last updated May 11th 2011. ***