THe parish of's is proud to introduce Rev Jeff Petten.

Also there will be a interviwe with Rev Jeff Petten.

Food for Thought: "Religion Consists of God's questions and man's answers" - Abraham Joshua Heschel

Food for thought: What is one hour from you to worship God when God gives you all hours???????

November 9th :7:00PM Evening Pray

Congratulations to Bernadette Taylor who was elected as the Diocesan ACW Treasurer at the Annual Diocesan ACW Conference held on September 19th-21st .

November 9th: 11:00AM Holy Eucharist

New Anglican minister off to busy start

The Reverend Jeffery Petten hasn't been able to unpack his bags, although he has been on the southwest coast for three full weeks.
Busy would be an understatement of how his start at his new position would be described, but with a smile on his face he considers himself lucky to so far not have any issues.
The native of Conception Bay South spent some time in Labrador before moving to Rose Blanche and said he absolutely loves where he is right now.
The call came from the Bishop, and previously the Anglican Rose Blanche parish had been without a minister for a year and a half. Petten credited the lay ministry for keeping everything going.
He was ordained deacon in 2012 and ordained priest in 2013. Although this is his second parish, it is his first as the priest in charge and rector.
"So far everything has been good," said Petten. "I am going through the ropes as they say and the town is just lovely."
He described his view as maybe being the best in Rose Blanche.
"While sitting down this morning after prayers and drinking my coffee, I watched the La Poile ferry heading in towards the fish plant," he said.
His parish includes St. Michael and All Angels in Rose Blanche, St. George's in Burnt Islands and St. Thomas in La Poile.
Petten said Sunday services alternate between Rose Blanche and Burnt Islands at the present time but services in La Poile will be taking place as well with the lay ministry taking over the services while he is away.
"The churches I have seen are gorgeous," said Petten. "Compared to what I have had before, I feel spoiled."
He spoke of not having the services of funeral homes before.
"The bodies were washed and dressed and prepared for their coffins by the local people at my last posting," he said. "The best pick up truck in town is what was used to take the casket to the cemetery."
This is also his first time working with professionals in the industry and described that relationship with them as "marvellous."
He also didn't have hospital visits at his last posting.
"The nearest hospital was five hours away," said Petten. "So it's nice to be able to do the chaplaincy."
He said he considers it a treat to visit with the patients, nurses and doctors but said it's not always easy to do.
"My first visit was an emergency to initiate last rights," he said.
In the three weeks that Petten has been here he has had to perform four funerals, a baptism and two more scheduled baptisms on top of regular Sunday services and administrative work at the parish.
"Each funeral is really three days out of cleric," said Petten. "Even though you can't foresee funerals, having four in a row really took 12 days from cleric."
This week will include meetings, unpacking and planning the future months and years. Petten intends to stay as long as the need is here and as long as the people want him. He is giving himself the next while to get to know everyone and getting into a schedule.