**Raffle Draw**

The Skills Link Interns at the Town Hall in Burnt Islands are having a raffle draw on tickets
to see the Junior Mariners play in the Veitch Memorial Tournament held in Port aux Basques.

Cost is $1.00 per number
or 3 numbers for $2.00!

We have 8 tickets, and will be drawing 4 numbers.
Each winning number will recieve 2 tickets to a game on either April 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
Thank you for your support!


Back: Gord Keeping. Middle: From L-R: Shawn Kinslow, Tyrone Keeping, Dave Thorne. Front: L-R: Shawn Keeping, Tony Hatcher.

Burnt Islands Mens B Division Darts Take Regionals

The Burnt Islands men's B Division dart team won regionals on March 6th, 2011.
They defeated Isle aux Morts in a 9 game series.
Isle aux Morts won the first game, then Burnt Islands came back with the next 4.
Isle aux Morts then won the next 3 making it a tie of 4-4.
It came down to the final game with Tony Hatcher finishing on double 2.
The team will be traveling to St. John's on March 23rd to play in the provincial tournament.
On behalf of the Skills Link Interns, we wish you the best of luck!


Front Row: (L-R) Kalvin Parsons, Janet Courtney, Selma Neil, Marie Bond, Angie Thorne, Christina Thorne, Linda Thorne, Judy Foote.
Middle Row: (L-R) Francis Herritt, Roy Lawerence, Denise Bond, Tina Harvey, Della King, Loraine Munden, Nancy Taylor, Jacqueline Keeping, Alice Francis, Colleen King, Daphne Chant.
Back Row: (L-R) Allan Munden, Harry Lawerence, Victor Hatcher, Chester Harris, Murray Hardy, George Thorne, Eric Hodder, Minter Walters,
Clarence Hardy, Shawn Hatcher, Chesley Thorne, Jamie King, Roberta Francis.

34th Annual Firemen's Ball

The 34th Annual Firemen's Ball was hosted on February 12th, 2011.
A hot supper was served, followed by a dance with music by Wade Osmond.
A cash total of $2200 was donated that evening. The Firette's donated 10 complete firemen suits.
The cost of these suits was $17,797.10.
Kalvin Parsons, Judy Foote, along with volunteer Firemen from surrounding communities attended this event.
It was announced that the new fire tuck will be delivered in early May.
This was a very successful and enjoyable event for the community.


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