From L-R: Charmaine Hatcher, Christine Hatcher, Colleen King, Meta Keeping (Skipper), Yvonne Keeping, Sybil King, Lorraine Munden.

Burnt Islands Women's B Division Darts Take Regionals

The Burnt Islands Women's B Division dart team won regionals on March 20th, 2011.
They defeated the Port aux Basques Legion team 1 in a 9 game series.
Burnt Islands won the first 2 games, then the Legion team 1 came back with 1 game.
Then Burnt Islands took the next game making it a lead of 3 games to 1.
The Legion team 1 then won the next 2 making it a tie of 3-3.
Winning one game each after that, they tied the set at 4-4.
It came down to the final game, both teams were down to a double.
The Legion team 1 was shooting for double 15, and with Colleen King finishing on double 10 the Burnt Islands team became the champs.
The team will be traveling to Stephenville on April 15th to play in the Western Tournament.
On behalf of the Skills Link Interns, Congratulations and we wish you the best of luck!


Visitor in Burnt Islands

On March 20th, this seal was seen soaking up the sun on a beautiful Sunday morning
on the floating docks in Burnt Islands.
It was an attraction for many citizens, as kids enjoyed admiring this furry mammal.

Did you know seals are aptly suited to their watery environment.
With streamlined bodies, eyes that see well underwater, ear passages and nostrils that clamp shut while underwater,
and insulating blubber, they are the acrobats of the sea.


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