Ball opposes delaying provincial election until after federal election

Liberal Leader Dwight Ball is taking a hard line on when the next provincial election should be called. He now says he will not support any delay in the election date, even if that means the province campaign at the same time as the federal election.
Premier reveals second bout of cancer after unveiling bell chemo patients

Premier Paul Davis knows first hand what it's like to be diagnosed with cancer. On Friday, he revealed he had been diagnosed not once, but twice in his life. Davis spearheaded a project of hope for other cancer patients. Cancer patients will ring a ceremonial bell when they finish their Chemotherapy.
New Math Curriculum Failing students:parents

The provincial government has promised a review of the school curriculum in light of poor math performances, and now comes another story about failing of the new math curriculum.

Dwayne Tucker of Portugal Cove-St. Philips says he wasn't surprised when he received a letter from his child's teacher indicating that many students in her class don't know their multiplication and division acts.

The Teacher asks parents to practice basic math facts with their children and review them on a regular basis. Tucker says he takes that as proof that the current math curriculum is failing students and needs to be fixed.

Students were once taught to memorize their multiplication tables as a basis for higher math concepts, but the curriculum has moved away from that.

As Tuck's children's teacher outlined in her letter to parents, children ned to know their math facts.